Moving Day

February 22, 2006

We’re moving to a new url and hope you’ll come on by.

Plus as a moving day special we’re giving you the oppurtunity ,chance to get the new Tom Russell CD.
We saw him on Letterman last year and got on the net right away for the Borderland cuts.

Don’t be stealing any General’s horses because not that much has changed since 1919.

Hope to see you at the park tonight.

One more thing. If your slogging through this blog on internet exporer maybe you’d like to try this.

And there’s this little gem.



February 21, 2006


Respect My Authoratayyy!!!

When we were in the fourth grade at Millcreek elementary Mrs. Anticheck stood us up and publicly vilified us for our sins. Sitting at the back of the class, I had ample opportunities to hone my public speaking skills.

One day, after watching David O. Mackay’s funeral on the TV in our class, I was asked to spell English, it was written on the chalkboard.

I still can’t spell very well, but I got a pare of glasses that year, and some one on one time with a very nice older Lady who turned me on to a book called the Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Thank you Ma’am, I really needed those glasses.

Oh, and thanks for the spell checker, it’s awesome.

Thanks for the pic.


February 20, 2006

Asbestos seam on Salmon River,MT

Mine in Asia

Its not like any of this stuff is new. We just wish somebody would put it together, in a way all our bros, and sisters too, could get it with their morning coffee, or whatever.

Thanks for the pic

DCR( Why Read the Comments?)

February 19, 2006

Thanks Pachacutec

And I meet new friends.

BCR (Before Car Race)

February 19, 2006,1249,635185011,00.html

Thanks Ed

It’s catching

Green Jenni has it right.

The First Step is to Admit….

February 18, 2006

Fighting desperately, but I just can’t get away. Since the shootouts Thursday night I’ve been pulled back into my opiate of choice, watching both the USAC and the Truck races yesterday. Today its Bushe league, tomorrow the Big One. If I haven’t OD’ed by Monday, I’ll be back to pointing out the obscene miscarriages perpetrated by our paid off Reps and myopic media. Till then, we’re on our own, with a Repub foot on our necks, just the way they like it.

Oh yea, by the way, News of the Weird gives a real news story a different spin. Life sentence huh? No more yachting for you ey, Duke?

Luckily, I read Kirby first thing this morning, so I have a voice of some reason keeping my head from just exploding. Wow, that was close.

My bad, its next to News of the Weird in Nation in Brief.

Thanks Mell for this little heads up.

Your Invited to the Party

February 16, 2006

Tea Party

Friday 17Feb06, Radisson Hotel, Downtown SLC. 1:30-3:00pm, OOh, just hit the first Link. Its All there.

What we’d like to know is, what’s happening while we’re spending so much time wrestling the shot gun away from ultra super secret tricky Dick?


Thanks for the pic.