February 21, 2006


Respect My Authoratayyy!!!

When we were in the fourth grade at Millcreek elementary Mrs. Anticheck stood us up and publicly vilified us for our sins. Sitting at the back of the class, I had ample opportunities to hone my public speaking skills.

One day, after watching David O. Mackay’s funeral on the TV in our class, I was asked to spell English, it was written on the chalkboard.

I still can’t spell very well, but I got a pare of glasses that year, and some one on one time with a very nice older Lady who turned me on to a book called the Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Thank you Ma’am, I really needed those glasses.

Oh, and thanks for the spell checker, it’s awesome.

Thanks for the pic.



February 20, 2006

Asbestos seam on Salmon River,MT

Mine in Asia

Its not like any of this stuff is new. We just wish somebody would put it together, in a way all our bros, and sisters too, could get it with their morning coffee, or whatever.

Thanks for the pic

BCR (Before Car Race)

February 19, 2006,1249,635185011,00.html

Thanks Ed

It’s catching

Green Jenni has it right.

Flying Desks

February 15, 2006

Air Force 2

We used to know an Air Force Major who’d been an ace in Nam. Back in the early 80s He said,” Never work for an Air Force Officer who flies a desk.”

Do you see any wisdom in that?

Then we found a ray of hope.

Thanks for the pic.

Best Medicine.

February 9, 2006

When things start coming apart, a little humor goes a long way, whether we can put them back together or not.

Taking myself too seriously isn’t my only problem, but it ranks right up there.

Most times a little change of scenery does the trick so here we go into a whole new world of information and possibility.

But don’t just walk out after a chuckle, feeling better, yet not satisfied. Dig in, and maybe send William some denaro.

See, that feels better already.

Or maybe you want to just get away from it all. That’s ok, but remember the new Code of the West.

Sticking around after all? Then Check out Part of the Plan. I almost forgot.

Power Corupts

February 4, 2006

When the Founding Fathers brought forth this new form of Government, Of, By, and For the People, they did it with one overriding motive.

Power Corrupts.

Little Eyes

February 3, 2006

Isn’t it funny the things people do when they think no one is watching? Here in Utah I’ve learned, someone’s always watching, whether it be the little eyes of our children, or that all Seeing Eye in the sky.

Then we go the other way, on the National scene, and find Scooter. Why don’t you just go to jail now Louis, then it won’t seem so long, with time already served.