Tom Russell

Tom Russell preordering information

Hello to all. We’re coming to you here off cycle just a bit with special news and a limited offer just for our customers. Next month Hightone Records will be releasing the all new studio album from Tom Russell. It features eleven new songs about you guessed it: Love & Fear and what feeds them both. The themes are explored as only Tom can do it. Gretchen Peters, Fats Kaplin, Gurf Morlix, Joel Guzman and of course Andy Hardin all contribute. If his albums “Borderland” and “Modern Love” are your cup of tea then get ready for a full pitcher as he returns to the sounds of the Southwest. Here’s where the fun part comes in. In honor of this release the early pressings will ship with a limited edition EP that contains five tracks. Three of the songs are from the new album, the other two are exclusive covers. Tom takes a swing at Emmylou Harris’s “Red Dirt Girl” and then hits it out of the park on Leonard Cohen’s “Tower Of Song.” Due to the royalties involved with the two covers this EP will be limited to a single run. There are two ways you can purchase the new disc. The album can be purchased with or without the bonus disc. To get the bonus EP the total price is $18.99 plus shipping. If you only want the new album it is $15.99 plus shipping. Placing your order now using the link below will guarantee that you get your copy reserved and shipped about a week ahead of the March 21 street date. As we’ve told you in the past ordering directly from us is the same as ordering directly from Tom. A sale through out site guarantees that Tom will see the largest share of the sale and that the sale will go through SoundScan where it will be tabulated for the label. This benefits everyone and lets Tom and his label know exactly where their sales are coming from. This helps with his touring and advertising clout. Thanks to all of you that support his work that we so strongly believe in. Enjoy the rest of the month and look for a new action packed mailer in a couple of weeks. For those who are interested in acquiring or seeing his original artwork check out this website for all of the details .


2 Responses to Tom Russell

  1. […] Plus as a moving day special we’re giving you the oppurtunity ,chance to get the new Tom Russell CD. We saw him on Letterman last year and got on the net right away for the Borderland cuts. […]

  2. Stacy Jo says:

    Heard Red Dirt girl for the first time today. It blew me away.

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