Asbestos seam on Salmon River,MT

Mine in Asia

Its not like any of this stuff is new. We just wish somebody would put it together, in a way all our bros, and sisters too, could get it with their morning coffee, or whatever.

Thanks for the pic


3 Responses to Asbestos

  1. teen says:

    but the thing is what is this stuff?

  2. D.P. says: here a site to find out … sorry about the last send it was an accident … this computer is touchy and I am clumbsy … but this is a good site for a start … and you might try a search on GOOGLE ….. it has several good sites on different aspects …..

  3. glenn says:

    Asbestos as long as you don’t mess with it, is pretty harmless in its natural state, about like most of the things man touches, a stick isn’t dangerous until you use to beat someone or light it on fire.
    I had a thread over a oneutah commenting on the likihood that beyond any perceived spirituality man is really just an entropic catalyst, nothing we involve ourselves in has any hope of retaining its state, and then it is mostly at a lower energy state, or higher state of disorder. Pays the bills though.
    No one at oneutah liked it, they like to think themselves something special over there. cheers glenn

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