The First Step is to Admit….

Fighting desperately, but I just can’t get away. Since the shootouts Thursday night I’ve been pulled back into my opiate of choice, watching both the USAC and the Truck races yesterday. Today its Bushe league, tomorrow the Big One. If I haven’t OD’ed by Monday, I’ll be back to pointing out the obscene miscarriages perpetrated by our paid off Reps and myopic media. Till then, we’re on our own, with a Repub foot on our necks, just the way they like it.

Oh yea, by the way, News of the Weird gives a real news story a different spin. Life sentence huh? No more yachting for you ey, Duke?

Luckily, I read Kirby first thing this morning, so I have a voice of some reason keeping my head from just exploding. Wow, that was close.

My bad, its next to News of the Weird in Nation in Brief.

Thanks Mell for this little heads up.


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