Why We Support Mayor Anderson

With all the bigoted commentary and ballyhoo over the Mayor’s stand on Healthcare issues lately, we feel its high time working families figured out what all the ruckus is about.

A while back our dreams of fair treatment toward labor issues were realized by the City’s adoption of a living wage stipulation on new construction and service sector jobs.

Many people worked very hard to make sure this was implemented with an eye on the betterment of all our interests, and not just for the high and mighty Man.

As you read or re-read this article try to see how even our friends sometimes don’t understand or agree with everything we do. But dammit, can you say fiscal responsibility?


And while I’m on this little peeve, when he passed the torch in Turin, we weren’t remembered as the laughing stock of the world.

There, now I can enjoy these Olympic games.

Or see a movie.


2 Responses to Why We Support Mayor Anderson

  1. One-in-Utah says:

    Come on! Rocky Anderson should stop being a superstar and start being an administrator. He can be the voice of the elitist liberal Pat Shea, Cliff Lyon, wine sipping, intern chasing, Democracy when his term is over.

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