Get Well Soon

Get well soon. We never meant it as a personal insult. I don’t know if those guys from Colorado knew you or what, but it was just so painfully obvious. Your a great team player and we’ll miss poken fun at ya.

These are some other great things we found today. Check’em out.

Dan and Sam gave us this heads up in the trib today. Hope to see you all there.

“ Texas ‘tude: Talk about growing up in the shadow of greatness – rootsy singer/songwriter James McMurtry is the son of Lonesome Dove author and “Brokeback Mountain” screenplay co-writer Larry McMurtry. James McMurtry is no slouch, though, and his songs are full of intense narrative and stellar guitar work. His latest studio album, “Childish Things,” is a follow-up to the acclaimed “Live in Aught-Three” set that McMurtry recorded at Salt Lake’s own Zephyr Club (R.I.P.). James McMurtry plays Saturday at 9 p.m. at Park City’s Suede, 1612 Ute Blvd. at Kimball Junction. Tickets are $13, available at the door and Smith’s Tix outlets.”
And of course, its always happening at Firedoglake. 

2 Responses to Get Well Soon

  1. teen says:

    I liked all the links particularly Americans Deserve the truth.

  2. Grampa says:

    Thanks teen, I was looking for someone to check my work. You’ve been here since we started, and it keeps getting better every day. Got any new stories? Hey, should’nt you be in bed. Its like 4:00 in the morning there.

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