Rotten Apples

So many great people in this world have made contributions and dedicated themselves and their fortunes to the betterment of mankind though charities or little league baseball, team roping and Congressional lobbying. As with most things, the few rotten apples are spoiling the whole barrel. Just a few rotten apples, not much to worry about, until it starts stinking up our system, and spewing vileness onto every thing we hold dear.

It’s our job to comb through the barrel now and then, or we lose it all.

Can you tell a sqwishy, wormy, rotten apple from a crisp, fresh one? I thought you could. Lets start combing though the barrel.

Do it for Elmo 


3 Responses to Rotten Apples

  1. teen says:

    Your posts are highly philosophical 😉

  2. Grampa says:

    I don’t know about that, I only know what I read on the internet and in the newspapers each day.  You, on the other hand, have a gift. Let your eyes see.

  3. ffilc says:

    Grampa ain’t had much schoolin. Wh call it philosophical. He calls it head jabber.

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