Gaping Holes and Ringing Bells

The undisputed go-to site for Utah news — from headlines to the obscure — is LaVarr Webb’s The sheer volume, on a daily basis, of content (or links to it) is almost suffocating.

That’s why when something is missing, especially when its political, bells start going off — as well they should.

The gapping hole at Utah Policy dot com was a Sunday Tribune article that describes what is possibly the greatest single power grab in recent Utah political history.

Legislature tries to grab more power
Proposed laws: Several bills being considered give state lawmakers more say.

Just “follow the money.”*

* LaVarr Webb's Exoro Group provides lobbying services to the state legislature.


11 Responses to Gaping Holes and Ringing Bells

  1. rock juice says:

    I figured there had to be a catch. Why on earth would anybody do such a great job for nothin. I guess thats just how the world turns. Get nothing fer nothin, and aint’ nuthin free.

    Hows the baby grandpa?

  2. Gampa says:

    Home tonight with all the love we can give him. thanks again everyone, were back.

  3. Todd says:

    I have known LaVarr since 1992 and had the pleasure to work with him and his company, Exoro, on some projects. They run a fine shop and have many talented staff.

    But UDP missed the boat on this article that may prove to be the defining issue of the 2006 General Session. And, this isn’t the first time that they have missed poltical articles critical of incumbents.

    Come on, UDP, give this issue a turn in the Blog Watch section! Is the UPD briefing “Key developments and analysis for Utah policymakers” or is it “Key developments and analysis that won’t upset incumbent legislators.”

    IMO, its not the latter. So, what gives? Why did they miss this article and others that cleary political?

  4. Golden Webb says:

    For the record, I have no idea how I missed that story. The Tribune often updates its online edition in a kind of haphazard, piecemeal fashion — adding stories here and there and tinkering with their headlines through the dead of night (which is when I assemble the local headlines and links) and into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes articles (especially Trib articles) fall through the cracks if they’re added to the newspaper’s website after I’ve done my aggregating (which I have to have done by 5:00 am if they’re to make that day’s edition of UPD). That may have happened with this article — or I may have just spaced out and missed it. But I certainly didn’t leave it out on purpose, or ignore it, in order to protect the delicate sensibilities of the Utah Legislature. The idea that we’re disregarding some stories for partisan or monetary reasions is ludicrous. In virtually every Blog Watch I include links to posts of bloggers — both local and national — making fun of incumbent Utah legislators. Ditto for the local headlines: Monday’s edition of UPD included a Trib article from Saturday by Glen Warchol on HB352 (headline: “Guv doesn’t like it, but panel passes bill”) that makes the virtually same points as Warchol’s Sunday follow-up piece that I missed. But I do apologize for missing it — it was an important article and it should have been in Monday’s UPD. In the future, if I miss something big, and you catch it, and send me the link in a timely manner, I’ll be happy to include it in the next day’s UPD.

  5. Ed says:

    Gosh Golden, if you would just keep up with Part of the Plan, you would have seen that I pointed out this BIG story bright and early Sunday morning, February 5.

  6. Jeff says:

    Golden, just as an aside, why whenever an alternative news source finds, say, right wing wrongdoing, is UDP always “lefty whacko ‘news’ rag says” or the equivalent? However, when the same source, or one just like it, quotes Hatch having a tantrum, UPD treats it like a love note from the pope? (Obviously, I’ve exaggerated a tiny bit to make a slightly better point).

    Anyway, nice catch, Cliff, keep up the good work.

  7. Golden Webb says:

    Ed, if you would just keep up with UPD, you would have seen that I referenced your Sunday morning post in Monday’s Blog Watch.

  8. Golden Webb says:

    Jeff, the only time I remember using the term “wacko” was in reference to a nutty right-wing anti-immigration screed we linked to sometime last year. I get complaints from both sides — not enough coverage of conservative bloggers, too many links to wackos like Ed, etc.

  9. Grampa says:

    Golden; We have bigger fish to fry. By the way, I loved that piece about the Burr Trail a while back. If you ever feel like company I’d love to ride along.

  10. Mark Towner says:

    I feel I must really jump in here and take some of you folks to task. UPD has been providing it’s daily Newsletter for nearly two year and 400 issues for free. Well nothing is free! folks. Lets look at a typical day at UPD. After working a full day at the Exoro Group (10 hours is nornal) LaVarr Webb starts drafting the Buzz at around 11pm. Golden Webb, LaVarr’s son who is a Web serfing fiend starts work around 1am reading the newspapers and nearly 100+ blog sites. He must consolidate all the newspaper links and blog comments and material by 5am to be sent to LaVarr for any editing and final copy of the Buzz (maybe 4-5 hours of sleep) LaVarr then must have his edits and comments finanized by 5:30 am to be sent to the Publisher Paul Hollingshead (Luci Webb’s husband). Paul must then format all the information and publish to the website (Which by the way was developed and maintained by LaVarr’s brother Dave Webb ) and create an HTML and PDA version of the Newsletter by 6am. Then the newsletter is sent out via email to our 10,000 subscribers so you can read it by 7am. All the subscription and calendar information is maintained on a daily basis by Luci Webb-Hollingshead. This folks is a normal day at Utah Policy Daily. All the costs of production of UPD come out of LaVarr’s pocket. To be critical of LaVarr or Exoro for anything seems very petty at the least. I joined Utah Policy Daily six months ago to try to generate income to help offset some of the production costs of UPD. Being the only non Webb family member involved in UPD is an honor, because everything that I have seen in this family venture IS HONORABLE.

    Mark E. Towner
    Business Development Director

  11. Ed says:

    Golden, you’re right, I stand corrected. You did mention my post. Everybody else give him a break…the very fact that he links to any progressive blogs is a credit to UPD. Until Pignanelli comes up with a lefty equivalent, UPD is the only game in town.

    Wacko Ed at Part of the Plan

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