I wrote this after a fit of righteous indignation last October.
My best intentions leave me feeling cold and blue. May we all take into consideration the state of our spinning planet, as well as our spinning emotions?

First, let me apologies for the anonymous post. I just wanted to get the information to you and others asking these tongue in cheek questions, or so it seemed to me at the time. My intentions were to shed light and offer hope, not start fights.
The Ladies at firedoglake have been busting it wide open, so I thought they might offer you and your readers another point of view. was there as a harbinger of my hope for good things to come.

Today I bring you the sad, sad facts.


p.s. Can we still be friends?


3 Responses to SOTU

  1. Clinton says:

    Yes, Its Me. If I Knew then and all that. Thanks for the links. I’ve been at the hospital all night so my thoughts are disorganized. Grandson doing better. Hope to work with you more as we make the world a better place for our little ones.

  2. Green Jenni says:

    Sorry to hear about your grandson — hope he gets better soon!


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