Agreeing with the Des. News

I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about the papers of choice throughout the state.

All work equally as well on that oil stain in the drive, or to line the birdcage, and familiar harmony demands it.

On the other hand, subscribing to them all could get expensive, and I’d be filling the recycling bin at the elementary school about once a week.

Luckily, other people get up way earlier than I each weekday morning, and put together a nice collection of greatest hits.

Thank you all for the dedication and I commend you for thinking ahead of the curve.

That said, I humbly submit my own abbreviated list.

Today’s offering on the doorstep was a particularly enjoyable read, especially the letters.

I didn’t even have to kick the cat.(It’s a Joke!),1249,635180408,00.html


2 Responses to Agreeing with the Des. News

  1. teen says:

    that’s quite a collection you’ve got there. There are issues both major and minor everywher. We just have to solve it.

  2. Clinton says:

    We knew the boyo wasn’t feeling well, but last night he took a turn for the worse. We’re at Primary Childrens Hospital. One of the best in the world. RSV?
    Thank you Raechel and Jeramy from the ambulance service, Everyone at Cottonwood ER,
    and of course, everyone who has worked all theese years to make PCH a World class Health care center.
    All prayers excepted.

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