Agreeing with the Des. News

January 31, 2006

I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about the papers of choice throughout the state.

All work equally as well on that oil stain in the drive, or to line the birdcage, and familiar harmony demands it.

On the other hand, subscribing to them all could get expensive, and I’d be filling the recycling bin at the elementary school about once a week.

Luckily, other people get up way earlier than I each weekday morning, and put together a nice collection of greatest hits.

Thank you all for the dedication and I commend you for thinking ahead of the curve.

That said, I humbly submit my own abbreviated list.

Today’s offering on the doorstep was a particularly enjoyable read, especially the letters.

I didn’t even have to kick the cat.(It’s a Joke!),1249,635180408,00.html


Childish Things

January 31, 2006

We know GWB listens to James on his I-pod, but have you heard the new CD? No? Maybe its because radio isn’t playing relevant. Remember the Dixie Chicks?

We don’t want an agenda, just Skinny Johnny Mitchell under the pillow on the transistor.


January 31, 2006

I wrote this after a fit of righteous indignation last October.
My best intentions leave me feeling cold and blue. May we all take into consideration the state of our spinning planet, as well as our spinning emotions?

First, let me apologies for the anonymous post. I just wanted to get the information to you and others asking these tongue in cheek questions, or so it seemed to me at the time. My intentions were to shed light and offer hope, not start fights.
The Ladies at firedoglake have been busting it wide open, so I thought they might offer you and your readers another point of view. was there as a harbinger of my hope for good things to come.

Today I bring you the sad, sad facts.


p.s. Can we still be friends?

A Moment of Silence Please-Shane Jacobson

January 30, 2006


We’re Not Gonna Take It

January 30, 2006

The Senate is debating Alito on C-SPAN in the real world manner he deserves. Our Governor stood up to Cap. Chaos last week, to the relief of us all. Got a head ache Sen. Bennett? Go lie down for a moment. Take a nap. The day will come when you may wish you had.

Sen. Bob Bennett 202-224-5444

Politics is about solving problems. Give your representatives a call.

What you can do.
Why all this matters to you.

Why War Sucks

January 30, 2006

Kidnapped women

You take our women, we take your women.

Utah Culture Shock 105

January 30, 2006

Like Joe Young in Orgazmo we sometimes get into things we don’t understand and find ourselves in the outhouse. Thanks to Sundance Channel for the analogy.
Blogging can be like that too. Security and control vs. free exchange of ideas.
Some places make it pretty obvious they want more info before you swim in the pool.

Others let you feel at home and welcome you to the group, but if you post and get two or three idiot call outs, sit back and watch for a while to find out what’s what, and who’s who.

Different software packages offer different options as well, so keep abreast of the situation and remember you’re in a stranger’s home. Nobody likes the home teachers stopping by at dinnertime to teach a lesson. Apologize sincerely when the going gets tuff but being banned for life from the site is about the worst that can happen and that may turn out to be a badge of honor some places.

Colleen said it yesterday so clearly.

Respect brings people together; fear drives them apart.